Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of the Open Library Society, Inc., of 2008–11–03


Joanna P. Davies calls the meeting to order at 19:57.
Present, via Skype, are Joanna P. Davies in Astoria NY, William L. Goffe in Baldwinsville NY and Thomas Krichel in Jackson Heights NY.
  1. Report of activities
  2. Filing of IRS form 1023 and I990

1. Report of activities

Thomas Krichel reports he has been furiously at work on ARIW and AuthorClaim. The work on ARIW is more time-consuming than expected. AuthorClaim needs work on a new interface at the document selection stage that will incorporate statistical learning. A more stable hosting solution will have to be found. Currently, commercial hosting solutions are too expensive for what is required.

2. Filing of IRS form 1023 and I990

Thomas Krichel reports that he has a pre-filled form by Sue Kriete. But he has not started preparing the form. He has been more worried about the actual projects.


The meeting closes at 20:17.

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