Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of the Open Library Society, Inc., of 2007–11–19


Joanna P. Davies calls the meeting to order at 20:10.
Joanna P. Davies and Thomas Krichel are present in Madrid, Spain and William L. Goffe. is present in Oswego, NY.
  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Personnel changes
  3. Projects

1. Approval of minutes

On motion of Thomas Krichel, seconded by William L. Goffe, the board approves the minutes.

2. Personnel changes

Joanna P. Davies informs the meeting that she should not be here, because her term has ended on 2007–11–03. Thomas Krichel moves to extended her retrospectively to the current date, and beyond to the 2010–12–01. William L. Goffe seconds. Joanna P. Davies expresses her gratitude for the extension of the term.

3. Projects

Thomas Krichel reports on his work. There are basically two project, the list of academic institutions in the world LAIW, and the author registration service AuthorClaim. Both have been delayed because of work on NEP, by research on networking authors subjects and others.
For AuthorClaim, Thomas Krichel has tried to get access to the CrossRef data for free. He still does not have a formal response from them, but he things it is a lost cause becaues he had to submit in July, but has not read from them back yet.

4. Financial matters

Thomas Krichel reports that he has purchased such as authorclaim.org authorclaims.org etc. He paid from them privately and holds them privately, although he would rather that the society pays and holds the domain. The projects need to look more like there are more people involved when at this time he is doing all the work. domains and well as memory for the server to run AuthorClaim.
He bought a new disk for chichek in May.


Thomas Krichel informs the board that Joanna P. Davies will call another meeting on 2008–11–03. The meeting adjourns at 21:15.

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